SKYDOC ™ masterfully provides state of the art Hospitality Medicine ™ via Tele-Medicine, delivering a luxurious medical experience.

Tele Medicine at its best

SKYDOC ™ luxurious medical experience

SKYDOC ™ masterfully provides state of the art Hospitality Medicine ™ via Tele-Medicine, delivering a luxurious medical experience to all hotel guests, aviation or yacht clients 24 hours a day.

SKYDOC ™ bridges today’s cutting edge technology with 888 AM~PM DOC’s two decades of excellence in medical house calls to provide patients the zenith of comfort, confidentiality, simplicity and ease in five star medical solutions.  SKYDOCTM greatly reduces insurance claims for resorts, airlines and yacht lines enabling a video conference of maladies encountered on property, in flight or at sea.  Our on-demand health care services and software benefit patients, hospitals, employers, guests and protects them from further exposure to other illnesses.

The AM-PM Cloud ™ secures our SKYDOC ™ Tele-Medicine platform allowing all risk management to seamlessly collaborate and secure data via voice, video, email and mobile devices.

The AM-PM SKYDOC ™ Call Center says goodbye to unnecessary ER visits while offering unrivaled luxury care. The AM-PM SKYDOC ™ Call Center remains open 24 hours a day, every day, including all holidays – providing instantaneous on demand Hospitality Medicine ™.

Unlike our competitors, we do not have to refer you to a list of physicians and schedule an appointment for the next day which increases recovery time. We begin treatment on demand and dispatch a physician to you in 60 minutes or less – true and meaningful Hospitality Medicine ™ that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world to this magnitude.

Opt in is simple! All you need is a smart device.  The AM~PM SKYDOCTM application is available for immediate accessibility.

Every SKYDOC™ case is evaluated for guest satisfaction. Moreover, every guest signs off on documents that are on secure and encrypted servers. Those documents include (1) Guest Consent (2) Contract with Services (3) Hotel/Vessel Indemnification (4) Legal Release (5) Medical Provider Guest Evaluation (6) Guest Comments. All guests fully indemnify the hotel/vessel prior to treatment and AM-PM SKYDOC ™ waives all legal rights and accepts only arbitration as legal recourse.

SKYDOC™ provides HCFA 1500 insurance forms for patient reimbursement.  Any guest traveling with Travel Insurance will be reimbursed 100% once the HCFA 1500 form is submitted to their Travel Insurance provider. AM-PM DOC ™ is a mobile emergency room and codes all visits under CPT code #99345.

AM-PM SKYDOC ™ is HIPAA compliant (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).  All health records are kept totally private and encrypted to protect privacy at every level.

The pioneers of tele medicine

We Care About You

888 AM-PM DOC SkyDoc


No one captures the essence of “remote utilization” quite like 888 AM~PM DOC ™ .  Whether on the runway or at a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet in the air, 888 AM~PM DOC ™ can reach you wherever you are so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your flight.  Our seamless 888 AM~PM DOC ™  technologies allows you to consult with our medical providers to instantaneously handle most healthcare needs with just one touch of a button!

888 AM-PM DOC SkyDoc


Through our SKYDOC Virtual Medical Office we are able to assess any medical situation and be prepared to provide you Five Star medical attention the instant you land.  Convenient and instantaneous medical concierge service, ready when you are!  SKYDOC will pilot you back to health so you can get back to the things that matter.

888 AM-PM DOC SkyDoc


Whether at sea or dockside, our AM~PM DOC™ medical professionals will reach you wherever you need us.  Our SKYDOC™ technology allows you to see and speak with our medical team to counsel you through any unique healthcare need with just one touch of a button, literally!

“Quick Response and Close Communication.”

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