888 AM~PM DOC™ remains the leading innovator serving all hotel guests with the highest form of competent compassion.


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Oxford Dictionary defines Hospitality as the “generous and friendly treatment of visitors and guests”.  At 888 AM~PM DOC ™  we define resort medical house calls. 888 AM~PM DOC™ remains the leading innovator serving all hotel guests with the highest form of competent compassion. Falling sick, far away from home, can be very daunting. It can easily leave one feeling helpless, alone, with a sense of loss of control.  888 AM~PM DOC ™  allows all travelers to get back to their vacation, business meeting, honeymoon or that special occasion, just as it was planned.

Having a high-quality, well-vetted doctor come to them is the heart of hospitality medicine. Medical care is another perk in that way, like an upgraded room, excellent room service, or other options that would be expected in staying in a luxury property, traveling on a private plane, or living a more high-profile life. When high-end clients know that they can receive hospitality medicine options through a particular hotel, they will be more likely to choose that hotel so they can get the added benefit of that personal, medical touch.

Medical professionals who want to offer new and better services to their patients may get involved with hospitality medicine. It is no secret that hospitality is very important to patients, and in the past that mostly related to how patients who came into a medical practice were treated. However, taking the medical practice to the patient provides even more hospitality. The idea of house calls is essentially what hospitality medicine offers. The doctor comes to the patient, instead of the other way around, but they aren’t coming to the patients’ homes.

House calls are coming back, as well. The idea that doctors have gone to the homes of celebrities and other high-profile individuals is nothing new and not that surprising. However, having doctors going to the homes of other people was mostly a thing of the past. Years ago, doctors commonly made house calls. They delivered babies, attended to the sick and the dying, and just checked in on their patients. People weren’t forced to go to the doctor’s office for many different types of procedures, and a lot of their concerns could be handled at home. That was especially important in private or delicate matters.

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Professionalism, convenience, availability and ease. The same qualities that embody the Concierges and the impeccable service they consistently provide to their esteemed guests are the same qualities that have made 888 AM~PM DOC™ masters of our trade.

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General Manager

Paramount to every General Manager running a hotel are profitability and liability. 888 AM~PM DOC™ understands the issues that are important to Executive Management and has become the undisputed authority in liability indemnification.

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Risk management – It’s the only thing that matters to a Director of Security. At 888 AM~PM DOC™ we’ve conquered risk management by taking every measure possible to limit your property’s liability, from co-insurance to indemnification waivers to state of the art electronic capture and transmission of incident reports.

For the past 15 years Dr. Saffouri and AM-PM Doc have been providing excellent medical care to our hotel guests, staff and family members

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