Concierge’s role in Hospitality

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Every day, every night, Concierge and Le Clef D’Or admire and depend upon the sheer excellence of 888 AM~PM DOC ™.

888 AM~PM DOC ™  works with all hotel Concierge. We design and facilitate your impeccable luxurious medical experience. We are simply a phone call away!

888 AM~PM DOC ™  have taught firsthand our unique brand of Hospitality, helping all Concierge provide Five Star Medical Services to all their guests in need.

888 AM~PM DOC ™  has maintained the long-standing tradition of “Friendship” by providing gratuitous medical care to all Concierges nationwide since 1994.

A concierge, sometimes referred to as a guest relations manager or a residential concierge, is a specialized customer service representative who works in the hospitality industry. Their purpose is to ensure that guests or customers have a pleasant experience as well as access to any information or services they might need. They also have access to 888 AM~PM DOC resources in case of a medical emergency. In most cases, they can be found working in a hotel or high-end apartment building, although they are sometimes employed by high-end office buildings as well.

The concierge will immediately call 911 if it is a life and death emergency or he/she would call 888 AM~PM DOC for a hotel visit by a qualified doctor who will arrive at the guest’s room in less than an hour.

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Professionalism, convenience, availability and ease. The same qualities that embody the Concierges and the impeccable service they consistently provide to their esteemed guests are the same qualities that have made 888 AM~PM DOC™ masters of our trade.

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Paramount to every General Manager running a hotel are profitability and liability. 888 AM~PM DOC™ understands the issues that are important to Executive Management and has become the undisputed authority in liability indemnification.

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Risk management – It’s the only thing that matters to a Director of Security. At 888 AM~PM DOC™ we’ve conquered risk management by taking every measure possible to limit your property’s liability, from co-insurance to indemnification waivers to state of the art electronic capture and transmission of incident reports.

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